After sale service:
1, Within first year after sale, whether it is operating or non-operating reasons cause damage to equipment and quality problem produced by equipment itself, the factory is responsible for unconditional free maintenance, replacement and bear the costs associated with them. Long-term to provide equipment's vulnerable spare parts (free of charge within first year).
2, Vulnerable part costs within 200 yuan and customer can not buy elsewhere are provided for lifetime, and we provide maintenance services for lifetime.
3, Free training and consulting for customer.If customer operators are not familiar with equipment operation, variety of small problems encountered during operating, we will provide a detailed answers 24 hours. If customers need to retrain workers due to operators change, we will assist customers free re-training operators.
4, Party A also promises to coordinate honeycomb industry technology designers to assist Party B designers to design, develop honeycombed products together and consulting services for free of charge. Party A will help Party B quickly promote honeycomb products to market .