Automatic Honeycomb Board Production Line


Product Details

Parameters, configurations and functions of FXCD2000 automatic honeycomb board production line
Description: This machine is suitable for the production of honeycomb core and honeycomb board.
1, Main material: corrugated paper, kraft liner board, tea paperboard and so on.
2, Adhesive: white latex, starch glue.
3, From paper going in to board going out, it is all complete in a fully automated production line. Only 2 to 3 operators needed, high paper utilization, advanced technology.
4, This device is equipped with two sets of glue roller that can produce two different cell sizes.
5, Use man-machine interface, PLC control, high degree of automation. Greatly improve production efficiency.
6, This device is exquisite, operation and maintenance simple.
Main technical parameters
7, Raw material specifications:
Core paper (width * roll diameter) = (2000mm *Ф1300mm)
Core paper weight: 110g/㎡ - 140 g/㎡
Cover paper (width * roll diameter) = (1600mm *Ф1300mm)
Cover paper weight: 180 g/㎡ - 400 g/㎡
8, Paper width: 2000 mm
9, Paper core thickness: 6-60mm
10, Finished board thickness: 6-60mm
11, Finished board length: 500-3000mm
12, Production speed: 0-15m/min
13, Heating: electric heating, hot air circulation
14, Installed power: about 170kw
15, Total length: 68 meters